What Is The Right Time To Enroll For Denmark Study?

Denmark is one of the top overseas study destinations for Indian students not only because the costs of studies in the country are low but also the quality of Danish education is at par with many other popular countries, such as Denmark according to Top Consultants Denmark Study Programs.

The Best Consultants For Study In Denmark are also of the view that in some cases, such as the use of English as a medium for study and intake rates of Indian and other foreign students, Denmark is actually better than Germany. However, a popular Denmark study consultancy based out of Delhi, Aspire Shiksha notes that the lack of knowledge about the facilities available in Denmark, a lot of students usually flock to destinations such as Germany and the US while the costs and qualities of universities in Denmark are in no way inferior in comparison.

It is important to be aware of the timings of study programs in Denmark to avail the opportunities. Here are the most important study factors – timing and cost issues that may help Indian students be aware and prepare for a Danish degree.



The Aspire Shiksha website is a very helpful resource for all students aspiring to study in Denmark. The site offers all information regarding the study life, including the important dates, costs and lifestyle patterns for all foreign students. The definitive deadlines that were available for the 2018 season on the Aspire Shiksha website offer the following information:

  • The online applications start date for Denmark’s Master’s programs was 1 February;
  • The deadline for all applicants with non-Danish programs was 15 March;
  • The applicants who had a Danish Upper Secondary Education, the deadline for application was 5 July;
  • The date of acceptance of admission request and dispatch of decision letters was 28 July.

As a matter of fact, there are multiple quality study institutes in Denmark, but according to an overseas education consultancy specializing in Danish Master’s programs which are the top in terms of popularity, the deadlines for applying to a Master’s degree vary according to the university. The general considerations, however, suggest that:

  • The first session of application deadlines remains active during the February-March session in Denmark.
  • If you somehow miss the first session, there is no reason to feel disheartened. Danish universities offer the second session of application deadlines that last during September-October season.

Other Important Factors

Danish Universities usually require some of the following mandatory documents for applicants.

  • A Bachelor’s degree that is recognized internationally and which is of good standard or equivalent;
  • A qualifying score in any of the tests that offer proof of proficiency in English;
  • Additionally, students may also need to provide proof of proficiency in Danish in case they seek to enroll in a programme that is taught in Danish.

There are basically three tests accepted by the Danish admissions offices which are:

  • C1 Advanced

Subjects to Choose

Danish universities various important subjects for local and foreign students and each of these is taught with an excellent combination of theory and practice. Some of the most popular disciplines for overseas students in Denmark are:

  • Economics;
  • Biology;
  • Computer Sciences;
  • Business Administration;
  • Sociology;
  • Chemistry;


  • Environmental Sciences.

It is important to note that Danish universities require proof of pre-requisites such as a bachelor’s degree prior to taking the language and skill proficiency tests that are considered valid in Danish universities. It is a matter of common knowledge that students having excellent educational performances are favored while the ones that have average records can also apply to good universities if their qualifying test results are good enough.

Preparing To Apply

It is a matter of great convenience for Indian students that In Denmark, almost everyone speaks English. Therefore communicating rightly is not an issue for Indian students who are capable of speaking English. Generally, people are friendly and the educational and legal systems are quite easy to follow and use.

The country is also a very lively and charming one. According to a study, Denmark was ranked third in the list of happiest countries in the world, therefore, the conditions and the quality of life can be easily guessed by anyone who has any idea of what the happiness index of countries is all about.

One more important thing is to check the VISA before actually leaping forward. The process of getting a Danish Visa is a lot easier than other countries, such as Australia, but one should ensure that all the documents and all the required questions by the immigration department are answered before he/she starts applying to for a Master’s programme in Denmark.

Checking the website of a chosen university is also very helpful because the required e-mail addresses and phone numbers are available thereon. These numbers and contacts can be used to ask any query that might pop up in an applicant’s mind.


Some very good overseas education consultants are available in India. These can be consulted in case of any help to get a good picture of the actual legal, regulatory and educational lifestyles in Denmark. For example, Aspire Shiksha, the best Denmark study consultancy also has a wing that specializes in Danish higher education programs. This consultancy is handy for all types of information regarding the programs available in Denmark.




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